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Transformers Batman 1 con Inferno e Red Alert by JazzLuca Transformers Batman 1 con Inferno e Red Alert :iconjazzluca:JazzLuca 4 0 SB: Hello, Nurse by Nagi-Oki SB: Hello, Nurse :iconnagi-oki:Nagi-Oki 27 38 SB: Trapper Dan by Nagi-Oki SB: Trapper Dan :iconnagi-oki:Nagi-Oki 19 47 Transformers MTMTE Red Alert Quickie by chibigingi Transformers MTMTE Red Alert Quickie :iconchibigingi:chibigingi 56 11 Can we get... by Swift117 Can we get... :iconswift117:Swift117 24 36
The Recruit - Ch. 11
    The corridors of the Ark were all but empty; Red Alert was aware of that as he still walked on, his footsteps clanking softly. It was almost dawn, after all, and it would be two hours more before most of the Autobots would come online to take up their duties once again. In fact, even Red Alert was supposed to be recharging, but he had to sneak away without alarming Inferno. The fire-truck had made it his personal charge to make sure that Red Alert had plenty of rest, even if it meant keeping him locked in the room they shared at all hours.
    Red Alert was sure that Ratchet had something to do with that. The medic had also insisted that Red Alert should take it easy, so he relieved him from his duties for a whole day. He reasoned that Red Alert’s cranial circuitry had taken quite the strain under Soundwave’s mind probe, which meant he shouldn’t push himself too much or too soon.
    Red Alert heaved a sigh.
:iconberegond5:Beregond5 3 18
TF-Bound and Broken 6- Search
Damn it all, I knew it was a bad idea for me to let Sides go without me; I always have to save his aft when he gets in too deep. And with Ratch and Jazz and Blaster out of the Ark, it’s the quietest it’s ever been (aside from Wheeljack’s explosions) and I can tell it’s unnerving everyone. We’re all so used to Jazz and Blaster deafening us with their music and Ratchet spewing curses as loud as his vocalizer allows him and threatening to turn me and Sides into femmes- not the good kind neither, like Elita - no, the annoying, prissy weaklings that complain too much. Sideswipe said I’m already prissy and complain too much, but I don’t see it.
At least Prowl seems to be on the same page as me- he’s speeding, which for his is like Jazz with no music; unheard of.
Ok, I’ll admit it- I miss the guy, but after all Jazz has done for me and Sides (not to mention over half the Ark) it’s hard not to. Wouldn’t really mind hearing a threat against
:icongrey-ghostfreak:grey-ghostfreak 6 10
TF-Music Meme
Music Meme
Sweet Sacrifice- A mech could go mad in here. Swollen in darkness with only the comfort of the blinking monitors for company. Complete quiet. The burden of lives hanging in the balance of their attention span. He sits in there, though, ignoring the temptations of sleep, rest, and relaxation for reasons lost and ignored by others. They go on as if he never existed, leave him in that dungeon of a room to rot as they live their lives. No one cared, no one ever bothered to. Save him.
Day after day he would go in the room some didn't even know existed, just to be with the one whose spark called to his own.
Let it Go- Hateful words passed between them more than normal ones. Dangerous glares and punches and shoves were more common than affectionate smiles or hugs. They argued, and one became weary of their spat, they turned on their heel and stalked out to the usual place.
The other followed and would find the first outside, waiting. No words now, just their bond. Denial fading, do
:icongrey-ghostfreak:grey-ghostfreak 6 12
Black fumes and smoke slithered out of the charred corpses of the unfortunate bots who had been trapped within the Dome when the Decepticons had set it ablaze. Optimus and Prowl mobilized search teams to carefully comb the ruins to see if any survivors were to be found, though the probability of them still being alive underneath the rubble was very low. Optimus left Prowl to watch over Ratchet and the other survivors while he went out to see the remains of the Council Dome alone. He even had to ask Ratchet and Ironhide to keep Elita with the other femmes before he was able to leave without her going with him; he felt that he had to go and see the remains of the Dome for himself; as Prime, he still had a duty to his people to keep them safe. Now, unfortunately, it seemed that he had to protect his people from his own brother.
The charred remains of the Council Dome were scattered about after the fire had hit one of Wheeljack's experiments in his lab and resulted in an explosion that sta
:iconblood-tempest:blood-tempest 6 9
TF-Brighter Than The Moon
Fireworks in winter were beautiful, exploding over a landscape that only reflected and absorbed the rainbows that burst in the sky. The dark sky giving nothing but aide to the brightness of the burning colors. It was enough to make anyone gape in awe.
But it wasn't the bright flashes in the sky that held Optimus's attention.
War was hell; there was no getting around that fact. But there were spouts of good in between those frantic, deadly battles. Bits of happiness and pieces of the unexpected joys of life were woven into the blood and mayhem. Friendships were forged with partnership and comradeship. Love, also, brought into fruition by the solitary stationing on Earth.
A burst of purple brought the sight of conjoined black and white on the side of the volcano; well what could be seen from under a thermal wrap to keep out the cold. Prowl and Jazz caught in a rare, but true, bought of passion. A simple kiss conveying the loyalty and devotion they had for one another. They broke away and
:icongrey-ghostfreak:grey-ghostfreak 7 4
The sensor system of each transformer varied, often quite a lot. Some were basic at their best, some highly specialised in one area or another, and some were just generally very sensitive.
Like Red Alert.
He was always fully aware of exactly what was going on around him, no matter what. It was his job as security director to know everything that went on. Optimus trusted him with his job and he certainly never let him down.
Right now however, Red Alert was laying on his side with Inferno behind him, holding onto the smaller mech. His chronometer told him that it was exactly 2:32:47 am, local Earth time.
In front of him, a blank metal wall. All the walls in the Ark were blank like that. They didn't need to have much on them, it was of no use to do so. He could hear the low hum of the ship. While it would never fly again, most of it was still functional and operating. Each generator had a different hum, occasionally dipping in and out of the normal audio sensor gamut.
Then you had the eve
:iconmasterofall:masterofall 17 17
Redferno by DraginFli Redferno :icondraginfli:DraginFli 15 10



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